YouTube Suspends Russell Brand’s Cash Flow Amidst Allegations: Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity Gossip: YouTube Suspends Russell Brand’s Cash Flow Amidst Allegations

YouTube Suspends Russell Brand’s Account

YouTube is cutting off Russell Brand‘s cash flow in response to rape and sexual assault allegations against him — the platform’s suspended him from making money off his videos.

A YouTube spokesperson said on Tuesday it’s suspending the comedian-turned-influencer’s account — which has over 6.6 million subscribers — which means he won’t be able to cash in on the ads that play before and during his library of vids.

The company says Brand violated its creator responsibility policy — which, in part, says a creator’s off-platform behavior that’s deemed potentially harmful to others can result in YouTube taking action.

This doesn’t just affect Brand’s main channel, BTW … it also puts the kibosh on his other accounts raking in the dough, like Awakening with Russell, Football Is Nice, and Stay Free with Russell Brand.

Hot take:

This news is definitely a blow to Russell Brand’s bank account, but at least YouTube is taking action against potentially harmful behavior. Looks like Brand will have to find another way to make people laugh and make money at the same time.

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