Windsurfer Survives Terrifying Whale Collision: Watch the Jaw-Dropping Video

A windsurfer had a terrifying encounter with a whale while riding the waves in Australia. The unsuspecting surfer, Jason Breen, was enjoying a picturesque day on the water when he collided with a breaching whale.

Caught on Breen’s GroPro cam, the video footage shows the moment of impact. In an interview with Windsurfing.TV, Breen described his fear during the incident, believing that his life was in danger.

“It dragged me down about 20 to 30 feet. The only thing that saved me was my leash. The webbing completely ripped out. If it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be here. It was only the snap of that leg rope that actually saved me,” Breen recounted.

Breen estimated that the whale dragged him underwater for around 20 seconds, leaving him thinking it was all over. Miraculously, he managed to escape unharmed and was able to find humor in the situation. To his surprise, a bystander named Paul Nettlebeck had captured the entire incident on camera from a distance.

Nettlebeck, who was shaken by what he witnessed, immediately contacted authorities in Australia for help. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and Breen now has a unforgettable memory to share.

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