Why Rob Gronkowski Urges Fans: Have Faith in Bill Belichick and the Patriots

Former New England Patriots’ tight end, Rob Gronkowski, has a strong message for anyone still doubting head coach Bill Belichick after their recent win against the Buffalo Bills. In an interview with TMZ Sports at LAX, Gronk urged fans to change their mentality and have faith in Belichick.

Gronkowski, who experienced some tough times with Belichick during his time with the Patriots, admitted that things weren’t always smooth sailing. However, he emphasized that Belichick always found a way to overcome challenges and keep the team together. According to Gronk, Belichick’s ability to block out external noise and focus on the game is a valuable lesson he taught them.

Despite some reservations from fans, Gronk believes that Belichick will lead the team through their current rough patch. He expressed confidence in the team’s ability to build off their recent victory and make an impact this season.

“They could definitely build off that momentum now and do a little damage this year,” Gronkowski said optimistically.

While some New England faithful may be ready to move on from Belichick, Gronk emphasized the importance of patience when it comes to the coaching legend. He assured fans that Belichick will keep things together and find a way to bounce back.

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/10/26/rob-gronkowski-sure-bill-belichick-will-turn-around-pats-always-find-way/