What Inspired Britney Spears’ Recent Knife Dance? A Connection to Shakira and a Fascination with Blades Revealed

Celebrities are known for their unique and sometimes bizarre behavior, and Britney Spears is no exception. Recently, she startled her fans with a knife dance on Instagram, leaving everyone wondering what could have possibly inspired such a dangerous act. And according to some, the answer lies with none other than Shakira.

In a video clip shared by Britney, she can be seen dancing and clanking knives together, even playfully jabbing them in the air. While she claims the knives were not real, the sound they made when they hit together certainly raised suspicions.

But here’s the interesting part. Shakira recently showcased a similar act on national television during her performance at the MTV VMAs. With two thick daggers in her hands, she pulled off an awe-inspiring dance. This performance, inspired by an Arabic dance known as the dance of the daggers, seems to have caught Britney’s attention.

It appears that Britney’s fascination with knives is not new. She has previously expressed her interest in them, which has raised concerns among those responsible for her well-being. As her conservatorship ended, one of the recommendations made was to keep knives away from her.

It’s been reported that Britney sees knives as a form of protection, fearing that she might be re-institutionalized. Sources have even claimed that she keeps knives all around her house, including her bedroom.

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