Usher’s Super Bowl Performance Sparks Surge in Streaming and Social Media Buzz

Usher’s Super Bowl Performance Sparks Surge in Streaming

Usher’s upcoming Super Bowl Halftime show has fans feeling nostalgic as his music has been on heavy rotation across all streaming platforms. Since the announcement was made, Usher’s songs, both new and old, have seen a significant spike in plays, reaching into the millions.

The Usher Effect

According to Billboard, Usher has experienced a 16% increase in streams between Sunday and Monday. His newest single, “Good Good,” has become his most-streamed song, making its way onto the Hot 100 chart.

During this time period, “Good Good” was streamed 1.1 million times, marking a 5% gain. Usher’s classics like “Yeah!,” “My Boo,” and “DJ Got Us Fallin in Love” also saw significant increases, accumulating an additional 962k streams, 527k streams, and 525k streams, respectively.

Streaming Services Take Note

The surge in Usher’s music was evident across various streaming platforms. Tidal reported that Usher’s “Superstar” became the most popular song on their platform on the day of the announcement. Additionally, “You Make Me Wanna…” saw the highest jump in streaming percentage, increasing by 55% compared to the previous day.

Amazon also experienced the Usher effect, with “Yeah!” seeing a staggering 140% increase in plays compared to the day before the announcement. As a result, the song skyrocketed 149 spots on Amazon’s popular song rankings list.

Social Media Buzz

The news of Usher headlining the Super Bowl Halftime show was met with enthusiasm on social media, and it seems that excitement translated into a surge in streams as fans revisited Usher’s music.

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