Unattended Gun Accident at Grandma’s House: 3-Year-Old Gets Shot in Shocking Incident

Unattended Gun Accident at Grandma’s House, 3-Year-Old Gets Shot

In a shocking incident, a 3-year-old girl accidentally shot herself with an unattended gun at her grandma’s house. However, it seems that the adults present at the time tried to cover up the horrific incident.

In a dispatch audio obtained exclusively by us, the caller urgently reports the incident to 911. She reveals that she is not at the house but has been informed about the shooting and is rushing over to help. Interestingly, she mentions that she is unsure if anyone at the house had called 911 themselves and the dispatcher cannot find any record of a prior call about the shooting.

According to the distressed caller, the people at the house were attempting to hide the incident and were reluctant to call for medical help. She desperately begs for an ambulance to be sent to the house, stating, “And, they are trying to hide it. That’s why they didn’t call fire rescue. I need an officer over there. I need fire rescue over there.”

The caller also informs the dispatcher that the people at the house were planning to take the injured child to the hospital themselves, revealing the shocking statement, “they just let her shoot herself in the hand.” It is truly a disturbing situation.

As we previously reported, surveillance video from the home shows the little girl, Serenity, innocently playing in the living room when she stumbles upon a loaded firearm on the couch. The gun, which had been carelessly left in plain sight, goes off as Serenity picks it up, causing her to scream in pain and chaos to erupt.

The caller remains on the line with 911 as she rushes to the house, and we can hear her yelling at someone upon her arrival, wondering why no one had called for fire rescue sooner. It is evident that the situation could have been handled much better.

Miami-Dade County police have confirmed that family members eventually took Serenity to the hospital. Orlando Young, the relative who was present during the incident, has been arrested and charged with child neglect. This tragic incident could have been prevented with proper gun safety measures.

We have reached out to Young’s attorney for a comment, but they have declined to provide a statement at this time.

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