“Travis Kelce’s Romance with Taylor Swift Gets Andy Reid’s Approval: The Impact on His Football Game and Fantasy Performance”

The romantic relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift is going strong, and it’s all thanks to an unlikely matchmaker – Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid. After the Chiefs’ recent victory against the Los Angeles Chargers, Coach Reid gave his stamp of approval on the relationship, saying, “Taylor can stay around all she wants” as Kelce continues to excel on the field whenever she attends his games.

Travis shared Coach Reid’s comments on his podcast, “New Heights,” with his brother Jason. He expressed his appreciation for Coach Reid’s endorsement, stating, “I love Coach Reid, man. What a guy. When you’re getting Big Red’s approval and blessings, you know you’re doing something right.”

Jason also pointed out that Travis’ performance on the field sees a significant boost whenever Taylor Swift is present. He averages nearly 100 yards a game when she’s around compared to just 46.5 when she’s absent. Kelce humorously acknowledged the impact Taylor has on his game, noting that it’s hard not to notice with everyone talking about it on social media.

For fantasy football owners who have Kelce on their teams, they surely hope this romance continues, as he’s been putting up impressive points this season!

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