Travis Kelce Spotted Leaving Chiefs Game with Taylor Swift in Renamed “1989 Bedroom Painting” Outfit

Travis Kelce was spotted leaving the Chiefs game with Taylor Swift in an outfit that’s named after one of her biggest albums, but here’s the thing…the clothes were renamed AFTER he purchased them. Let us explain.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was rocking the “1989 Bedroom Painting” denim jacket and pants as he left the stadium with Taylor after Sunday night’s game.

KidSuper, the company behind the clothing, revealed a bit of sneaky marketing after the game. They confessed that the outfit was originally called “Bedroom Painting,” but they added the album title after Travis was spotted wearing it with Taylor.

Smart move for sure, as Swifties everywhere are wondering if his outfit was the smoking gun proving the relationship…but it looks like the brand is behind all the commotion.

Taylor sent her fans into delirium Sunday night as she appeared at Arrowhead Stadium, watching Travis play while sitting, standing, and screaming with his mom!

We’ve heard for weeks that this was not a publicity stunt…they really have been dating. Sunday night should put all doubts to rest.

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