Travelers Complain of Unbearable Flatulence on Singapore Airlines Flight: Dog’s Gas Causes Turbulence

Singapore Airlines is facing some stinky criticism from a couple of annoyed travelers who claim that a four-legged passenger’s flatulence was unbearable during their flight from Paris to Singapore.

Gill and Warren Press had the unfortunate luck of being seated next to a dog and its owner during the 13-hour journey back in June.

The dog may have been cute to look at, but its gas was no laughing matter. The Presses eventually gave up their premium seats and moved to the economy section, unable to bear the constant farting.

But that’s not all, folks! Along with the noxious fumes, the couple also had to deal with the pooch’s loud snorting, making their flight experience a true symphony of unpleasant sounds and smells.

Determined to get compensation for their misery, Gill and Warren Press engaged in lengthy negotiations with Singapore Airlines. After months of back-and-forth, they finally managed to secure a refund of $1,410.

In a heartwarming twist, the Presses have decided to donate the money to a guide dog organization in their native New Zealand.

As for their future travels, the couple jokingly expressed their desire to be informed in advance if they have to sit next to an animal. Gill quipped, “I expect to see a baby. I expect young children. But, I don’t expect a dog.”

It makes you wonder, though, how much Singapore Airlines would compensate if they had to endure a gassy human instead of a furry friend.

We’ve all been on those flights, haven’t we?

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