Tragic Lightning Strike Claims Two Lives on Mexican Beach: Shocking Video Captures Horrifying Incident

Tragic Lightning Strike Claims Two Lives on Mexican Beach

Caught on Video, Shocking Incident Leaves Beachgoers Horrified

Hot take: Remember, umbrellas are not lightning rods!

Two people were tragically struck and killed by a bolt of lightning on a beach in Mexico. The horrifying incident was caught on video and has left beachgoers shocked and disturbed.

The incident occurred in Michoacán, along Mexico’s Pacific coast, as the weather took a turn for the worse. In the video footage, you can see someone trying to pack up an umbrella just moments before the lightning struck.

After the first person is hit, the lightning appears to travel along the sand and strikes the second person. Both victims collapse, causing nearby people to scream in horror.

According to reports, the victims were a male tourist and a female seller of hammocks. Sadly, the woman died instantly at the scene, while the man passed away later at the hospital during treatment.

Getting struck by lightning is extremely rare, with odds of about 1 in 15,300. However, approximately 2,000 people are struck worldwide every year, with 10% of them being fatal cases. Those who survive often suffer from long-term effects, such as memory loss and seizures.

Remember, when it comes to lightning, it’s best to seek shelter indoors and avoid using an umbrella as a lightning rod!

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