“Tory Lanez Embraces Life in Jail: Surprising Upbeat Attitude Revealed”

Tory Lanez Loving Life in Jail, Despite Being Behind Bars

Tory Lanez has set the record straight regarding his recent inmate transfer and it turns out he is making the most out of his current situation!

On Monday, Tory surprised fans and haters alike when his official social media accounts posted a voice memo from jail that sounded surprisingly upbeat, despite his confinement.

As previously reported, Tory is currently serving time in the Administrative Segregation at North Kern State Prison in Delano, CA. The “Color Violent” rapper revealed that he is actually enjoying the extra legroom and solitude.

Tory’s new facility does come with its fair share of issues, as there have been several murders within the prison this year alone. However, Tory believes it’s still better than his previous experience at L.A. county jail, where he faced 24-hour lockdown and what he describes as “hating” from the staff.

Tory expressed his gratitude to his supporters for standing by him and claimed that the situation has made him fearless.

However, he will need all the confidence he can get, as Tory is just beginning his 10-year sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

The Canadian native also hinted that fans can expect to hear from him sooner than they think, as he has a “Alone At Prom” deluxe edition tucked away for future release.

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