Tori Spelling Surprises with Heartfelt Instagram Birthday Wish for Mom

In a surprising turn of events, Tori Spelling has taken to Instagram to wish her mother, Candy Spelling, a very happy birthday. Despite their rocky relationship in the past, Tori posted a heartfelt message alongside sweet photos of the two.

Turning 78, Candy received a touching tribute from her daughter. Tori expressed her love and gratitude, reminiscing about their happy memories together. She acknowledged the strong bond they share as women in their family.

It’s worth noting that this public display of affection is unexpected, given their history. Candy has accused Tori of neglecting her and keeping her grandchildren away. There have also been claims of financial disputes between them.

Despite the past, it seems that Tori and Candy have made progress in repairing their relationship. Recently, there were photos of Tori living in a trailer with her kids, and Candy expressed her willingness to provide financial support if needed.

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