Skiing is a popular winter sport for amateurs and professionals alike. Like snowboarding, skiing requires participants to wear proper gear. Columbia ski pants are perhaps the most well-known among consumers today. Columbia is known for making high-quality products, whether they are for skiing, hiking or other outdoor activities.

The top-rated ski pants on the Columbia website include designs by Bugaboo, Modern Mountain and Wild Card. The women’s Bugaboo Omni-Heat Insulated Snow Pants sell at a regular price of $120 per pair. These pants are waterproof, insulated and guaranteed to keep you warm when skiing down your favorite slopes. The Men’s Bugaboo IV Snow Pants also sell for $120 and feature the same waterproofing and insulation qualities found in the women’s line.


Between Bugaboo and the other top-rated brands available, if you are looking for top-rated pants, boots or ski jackets Columbia is an excellent place to shop.

Some people enjoy skiing in backcountry environments instead of overpopulated slope sites. The best women’s backcountry skis this season include the Atomic Backland 107 W, Armada Trace 98, and Icelandic Maiden 101. These skis sell for $749.95, $649.95, and $849 respectively and are some of the top-rated options available today. A pair of Superguide 95 skis sells for approximately $850 and is widely considered one of the best backwater skis for men. The Superguide 95 is versatile, easily maneuverable and helps skiers have a more enjoyable experience when tackling challenging terrain. A few additional top-rated backcountry skis on sale today include:

  • Backland 17
  • Black Crows Ferox 110
  • Völkl Blaze 94

Skiing also requires staying warm. Staying warm requires the best outfits and accessories on the market. The best ski jackets Helly Hansen makes are designed to keep you warm and flying down the slopes in style. Helly Hansen jackets are available for both women and men, from warm insulated jackets to professional-grade shell jackets and more.

Men’s Helly Hansen ski jackets range in price from $280 to approximately $750. Women’s jackets sell for approximately the same price range. Helly Hansen also sells some of the best, most form-fitting ski pants on today’s market as well. This company sells top-rated clothing and outfits for all types of outdoor activities, however.

For example, the women’s snow pants bibs sold by Helly Hansen are form-fitting and sleek albeit still comfortable, insulated, and protective. These bibs are usable for skiing activities but also for other outdoor activities during the cold winter months such as hiking, running, and walking.