Tips for Planning a Great Staycation

Tips for Planning a Great Staycation

It is important to give both your body and mind a chance to rest and relax after stressful situations. When you are feeling particularly stressed, a vacation can be a great way to recharge. 

Even if you only have a weekend to yourself, taking a break where you do not have to worry about anything but relaxing can be a rejuvenating experience. 

Taking a vacation may seem impossible. You might think it’s an expensive process. But not every vacation involves traveling to an exotic location.

If you are on a limited budget or do not have time to get away, consider taking a staycation instead. A staycation is an informal form for a vacation where you stay relatively close to home. 

Some staycations involve going to a nearby hotel, while others take place entirely within your home. The goal of a staycation is to take a break without the added stress of having to plan and budget for an elaborate trip. 

While it may be simpler than a traditional vacation, you still want to plan your staycation to ensure you make the most of your time off.

Choosing Where to Stay

There are a few similarities between planning a vacation and staycation. A great place to start with both is choosing where you want to stay.

If you are on a tight budget, staying at home might be a good choice. Consider stocking up on your favorite snacks or other treats for yourself. If you are trying to escape from the world, leave your phone off so you can focus on relaxing.

If you want a change of scenery, renting a hotel might be more your choice. It could be a little more expensive, but check to see if there are any resort or bed and breakfast style hotels in your area. These can provide a more relaxing experience. 

Another benefit of staying away from home is you might see your state in a different light, especially if you pick a destination you do not normally spend time in.

Another option is renting a place to stay. Renting has become more popular in recent years, with sites like Airbnb making it easy to book an affordable location. 

Renting a home for your staycation gets you out of the house and typically offers more comforts than a hotel. If you do not plan on eating out, it is also convenient because you usually have access to a kitchen. 

If you want a rustic trip, another option is to go camping. 

There are a few possibilities when it comes to camping. Most camping sites allow you to spend the evening in a tent, but you may need to reserve a space beforehand. Other camping sites also have facilities available, such as renting a cabin. 

The cost varies depending on the site and the quality of the cabin, but it may end up being less than the price of purchasing camping equipment. If you plan to camp frequently, you may be better off buying a tent instead.

Setting a Budget and Choosing Activities

Another similarity with a traditional vacation is you must set a budget. Creating a budget for a staycation is much easier because you do not usually have to factor in expensive travel costs. 

While creating a budget, you can also decide what activities you want to do. Taking a staycation is a good opportunity to explore your state. Consider going places you normally do not have the time for. 

Many individuals view their state from the point of view of a tourist when they are planning a staycation, looking for traditional tourist attractions they have never visited before. 

You can check online to find popular tourist destinations. There are also several apps that highlight notable locations in your city.

Not all staycations involve elaborate trips. With shorter staycations, sometimes it is preferred to keep the trip plans simple, focusing largely on relaxing and enjoying time to yourself. You could also schedule something more relaxing, such as a spa day. 

Some staycations are about making time for activities and hobbies you have not had time for recently. For example, you can use your trip to catch up on shows, movies, video games or books.

Do not make the mistake of overplanning your trip. It may seem appealing to maximize your time, but if you spend the whole staycation worrying about your schedule, you may not enjoy the activities. 

You may also end up getting absorbed in certain activities or change your mind midday about what you want to do. 

Do not worry if your staycation ends up being inexpensive. This is one of the appeals of a staycation. Part of what makes it relaxing is you do not have to feel guilty about how much you spend. 

Another perk of a staycation is some locations offer discounts if you are a local, such as museums, zoos or aquariums. If you are taking a staycation with friends or family, try and prioritize locations that offer group rates.

Timing Matters

An important consideration with your staycation is when you plan to take it. If you are planning on taking a trip to the local beach or want to spend your staycation going hiking, do not try to plan your vacation during rainy season. 

Unlike with a traditional vacation, you have much greater knowledge of the climate in your area, so it is often easier to prepare in advance. It may also be easier to reschedule a staycation since you do not have to worry about refunding travel tickets.

If you are planning a longer trip, try and make the most out of weekdays. Locations like museums or theaters are typically much busier on weekends. You may also have trouble getting a spot at your favorite restaurant in the evening.

Consider Disconnecting

One of the appeals of a traditional vacation is escaping from your normal life. This can make it much easier to relax and forget about common issues, like work stress. 

It can be harder to disconnect on a staycation since you are so close to home. If you are comfortable with it, consider turning off your phone and staying disconnected from the internet while you are on your staycation. 

This can be especially effective if you are taking your staycation with friends or family and want to focus on socializing.