The Pizza DNA: How a Slice of Pizza Brought Down a Serial Killer

The suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer can’t escape the clutches of the law, and it’s all because of a slice of pizza. Prosecutors have revealed that Rex Heuermann, the main suspect in the case, had his DNA match the DNA found on a discarded pizza crust. Talk about leaving a little something behind!

During a status hearing on Wednesday, prosecutors dropped this bombshell and announced that they have their man. They collected Heuermann’s DNA through a cheek swab, and after comparing it to the DNA profile found on the pizza crust, they had a match. It looks like the pizza finally delivered justice!

In case you forgot, the police rummaged through Heuermann’s trash and stumbled upon the crucial piece of evidence, which turned out to be a slice of incriminating pizza. They later discovered a hair follicle in a burlap sack containing remains from one of the victims, and it matched the DNA found on the pizza. That’s one hairy situation!

Now, after conducting further tests, the D.A.’s office confidently states that the pizza DNA unquestionably belongs to Heuermann. No more debate, they’ve got their man. It’s a pizza DNA party, and Heuermann is the guest of honor!

However, Heuermann’s defense team is fighting back. They argued in court that the hair follicle DNA isn’t as clear-cut as the pizza DNA. They claimed that the hair could belong to other people, ignoring the fact that law enforcement ruled out 99.96% of the North American population. Looks like they’re grasping at strands of hair!

During his court appearance, Heuermann dropped another bombshell. He revealed that he spends 2-3 hours a day in his jail cell reviewing the evidence provided by the prosecution. It seems like he’s got some serious reading to do behind bars!

In the meantime, prosecutors have handed over a massive 10 terabytes of information to Heuermann and his legal team. There’s a lot to sift through, and who knows what other discoveries might come up. It’s like a digital treasure hunt, but with a much darker twist!

The next court date has been set for November 15. Until then, the case of the pizza DNA will continue to make waves. Will Heuermann’s defense be able to slice through the evidence, or will the pizza DNA be the final nail in the coffin? Stay tuned!

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