The Drama Between Angelina Pivarnick and Nick Bawden’s Wife: A Scandalous DM Encounter!

There’s drama in the world of sports and reality TV! The wife of New York Jets player Nick Bawden is not happy with Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick. According to Alexis Bawden, Pivarnick slid into her husband’s DMs on Instagram, despite knowing he was married.

Alexis recounted the incident, which happened on Sunday afternoon after Nick had taken the field to play against the New England Patriots. She claims that Pivarnick saw her supporting her husband on the sidelines, but didn’t seem to care and sent a DM anyway.

In the DM, Pivarnick wrote, “See u soon.” This infuriated Alexis, as she believed it was an attempt to pursue her man. In a TikTok video, she called Pivarnick a “weirdo” and criticized her actions, stating, “You don’t message a married woman’s man when you’re going to see him soon after you see his wife go by on the field. Weirdo.”

Pivarnick responded to the TikTok video after it went viral, denying that she made a move on Nick. She claimed that Alexis was a “clout chaser” and said that she only spoke to players she knew in a friendly manner.

Unfazed by Pivarnick’s denial, Alexis continued to make more TikTok videos about the situation, repeatedly calling Pivarnick a “weirdo.” However, she eventually decided to put an end to the drama.

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