Taylor Swift Hangs Out with Sophie Turner, Ex of Joe Jonas: A Night of Girl Power and Pasta

Taylor Swift Hangs Out with Sophie Turner, Ex of Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift’s latest girls’ night out featured a very interesting addition to the posse — now, she’s hanging out with Sophie Turner… with whom she shares an ex in Joe Jonas.

The British actress and American pop star broke bread in NYC Tuesday night — grabbing dinner at yet another Italian joint, Via Carota, just one day after she chowed down with a separate female power crew … which included Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz and Greta Gerwig.

Here, Sophie is front and center as Taylor’s big guest … and while they hugged inside before sitting down for their meal — their walkout together is even more telling.

Check it out … ST and TS were literally linking arms like a couple of school girls as they strolled outside and faced a massive pap crush — which was snapping away. Sophie’s outfit here isn’t lost on anyone either … she’s looking pretty hot.

Obviously, this is a big deal ’cause Sophie is in the middle of a divorce with Joe — and Taylor, of course, used to date the Jo bro way back when too. So, they’re both past loves.

It also appears Sophie’s back in the States after recently filming her new show.

We know Joe and his brothers are on tour right now — hitting up different venues all over the country — and according to Joe … he’s been the primary caretaker for his and Sophie’s 2 young children of late. Now that mom’s back, though … we’ll see if that remains the case.

Imagine what sorts of convos these gals had over spaghetti and meatballs. Oh, the tea. 🍵

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