Taylor Swift Hangs Out with Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes Confirms Encounter at Postgame Party

Who would have thought that Taylor Swift would be making the rounds with the Kansas City Chiefs? First, she meets Travis Kelce’s parents, and now she’s hanging out with his buddies. It seems like Patrick Mahomes can confirm the rumors as he reveals that he had a chat with the singer at Kelce’s postgame party.

During a press conference, Mahomes was asked about Taylor Swift’s presence at Arrowhead Stadium. Initially, he denied meeting her, but it turns out that they did cross paths at Prime Social in K.C. The superstar quarterback had nothing but positive things to say about Swift, calling her “cool” and “good people.”

But don’t expect Mahomes to spill all the details about their encounter. Just like Kelce, he’s going to keep the focus on football and respect their privacy. “I’m going to let them have their privacy and just keep it moving,” Mahomes said, echoing Kelce’s sentiments.

As for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, their friendship seems to be progressing nicely. Photos from the postgame party show Swift with her arm around Kelce’s neck, suggesting that they’re getting closer. Kelce even opened up about Taylor during his podcast, praising her for attending the game with his family and calling her “ballsy.”

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/09/27/patrick-mahomes-says-he-met-taylor-swift-at-travis-kelce-party/