Taylor Swift Fans Show Support for Travis Kelce with New Merchandise on Etsy

Taylor Swift fans are showing their support for Travis Kelce with new merchandise. It seems like Swifties think their relationship has staying power, at least enough to print his name on shirts, luggage, and more.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are now featured on a variety of merchandise available on Etsy. The collection includes shirts priced between $10 and $38, as well as luggage with a price tag of $206.

Taylor and Travis’ fans believe that their relationship will last, as evidenced by the “Swift 2024 Kelce” top that is currently on sale.


Other items in the collection include a Kelce version of Taylor’s “Eras” tour logo, and a graphic tee featuring the infamous image of them driving off in a convertible after she watched him play football.



The Taylor and Travis merch shows just how popular Kelce is with her fans. As we previously reported, the jacket he wore with Taylor after the game sold out quickly.

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