Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner: The Ultimate Gal Pal Duo Amidst Sophie’s Messy Divorce from Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner have more in common than just Joe Jonas. They have each other! These two gal pals were spotted hitting the town not once, but twice in the same week. Joe’s exes were filmed strolling into NYC’s Hotel Barrière Fouquet for a night out with friends, adding fuel to the fire amidst Sophie’s messy divorce from Joe.

Sophie, dressed casually in a white t-shirt and gray skirt, arrived first for a girls’ night out take two with Taylor. Moments later, Taylor rolled up in an SUV driven by a chauffeur with two beefy bodyguards to protect her. Looking classy and chic, Taylor stepped out of her ride and sauntered inside the hotel with several pals following behind.

On Tuesday, Taylor and Sophie were photographed arm in arm as they entered Via Carota restaurant for a sit-down dinner, Italian style. With their second outing in a row, it’s clear these two are becoming fast BFFs.

All this comes at a time when Sophie and Joe are duking it out in both divorce court and federal court. Earlier this week, Sophie filed a lawsuit against Joe accusing him of unlawfully keeping their children in the U.S. instead of allowing them to return to England with her. Joe, on the other hand, categorically denied these accusations and claimed that Sophie violated a court order that restricts both parents from relocating the kids.

It seems like the drama never ends for this couple, but one thing is for sure, Taylor and Sophie are there for each other through thick and thin. Who needs Joe Jonas when you have a best friend like Taylor Swift?

Source: TMZ

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/09/22/taylor-swift-sophie-turner-girls-night-dinner-new-york-divorce-joe-jonas/