Shocking Video Shows 3-Year-Old Shooting Herself in Florida Home: A Cautionary Tale of Careless Gun Handling

A little kid, only 3 years old, managed to shoot herself with a gun that was just lying around in a Florida home. And you won’t believe it, but the whole incident was caught on video!

This adorable little girl, Serenity, was innocently playing in her grandma’s Miami-Dade house when she hopped on the couch, right next to the loaded firearm. Can you imagine? Talk about a dangerous living room!

But here’s the crazy part: the video shows Serenity actually grabbing the pistol with her tiny hand and looking over at her relative, Orlando Young. And what was Orlando doing? Oh, just casually watching a football game on his laptop. Clearly, he had some serious tunnel vision going on!

And then, BAM! The gun goes off and poor Serenity gets hit in the arm. Ouch! Can you imagine the pain? I bet that brought tears to her eyes!

Of course, Orlando finally snaps out of his football-induced trance and rushes over to check on Serenity. Chaos erupts in the room, with people running everywhere. It’s like a scene from a comedy movie!

In the midst of the commotion, Orlando tells someone to grab a belt to stop the bleeding from Serenity’s bullet wound. And then, get this, he actually leaves the room for a moment to retrieve his gun from the couch. Talk about setting your priorities straight!

Eventually, Serenity is taken to the hospital where she undergoes surgery. Thankfully, she was released on Tuesday and is now recovering at home. Phew! Kids really are resilient, aren’t they?

Now, let’s talk about Orlando. As you can probably guess, the authorities weren’t too happy about his careless gun handling. He was actually arrested for leaving his firearm unattended in the house. And to make matters worse, they charged him with felony child neglect with great bodily harm. Yikes!

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