Shocking Video: Arizona Armed Robber Meets Fatal End at the Hands of Police

In a shocking incident, a suspected armed robber in Arizona met his untimely demise at the hands of the police. The entire violent encounter was captured on video, which has recently been released for public viewing.

The suspect, Ny'Kendreon Pride, had been wanted for a series of thefts that occurred in early August. His crime spree across Mesa came to an abrupt end when law enforcement finally caught up with him.

It was a U.S Marshals-led task force that spotted Pride, who was believed to be carrying a handgun, as he was walking along a busy street.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect crossing the road and walking down a sidewalk, with officers in an SUV closing in on him.

In a rather comical turn of events, one of the cops throws a flash bang grenade out the window, only for it to explode near Pride and create smoke around his feet.

Unfortunately for Pride, the non-lethal explosive device fails to disorient him. Instead, he starts running away from the scene.

However, his escape is short-lived, as a shotgun-wielding detective in the SUV’s front passenger seat guns him down. It turns out that Pride had pulled out what appeared to be a firearm.

Footage from police body cameras captures the moment Pride falls lifeless to the ground, succumbing to his gunshot wounds.

Prior to this fatal encounter, Pride had been suspected in three armed robberies at Dollar General and Walgreens stores in Mesa.

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