Shaq Compares Deion Sanders to Phil Jackson: The Perfect Coach Prime Connection

Shaq Compares Deion Sanders to Phil Jackson

Shaq says Coach Prime’s composure reminds him of Phil Jackson

Deion Sanders just received some high praise from Shaq, who compared Coach Prime to 11x NBA champion Phil Jackson. Shaq reminisced about Deion’s demeanor on the sidelines during the epic rivalry game with Colorado State, saying, “When they were down 15, there was a camera that panned to Deion’s face, and it reminded me of Phil Jackson. And I’ve always said, if the general doesn’t panic, the troops don’t panic.”

Shaq, who knows a thing or two about playing for a legendary coach, also shared his experience with Phil Jackson when he first joined the Lakers. He said, “Before [Phil] got there, me and Kobe, we got swept all the time. But when he came there and stepped in the locker room and we saw he didn’t panic, so it taught us not to panic. We know that this guy knows what he’s talking about.”

Deion Sanders’ team, which had a rough season last year, is now off to a strong start with a record of 3-0 and a ranking of 19th in the country. Shaq believes that Coach Prime is currently the best coach in college football, declaring, “Deion right now is the best coach in college football. You heard it here first.”

While discussing Coach Prime’s coaching skills, Shaq also talked about his upcoming charity event, “The Event,” which has raised over $6 million for children in need. The star-studded fundraiser will feature performances by John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, and Ray Romano, with Joel McHale as the host. Shaq jokingly added, “I’m pretty sure Ray Romano can also coach a great football team.”

Tickets for “The Event” are now on sale, so if you want to support Shaq’s cause and enjoy some amazing performances, make sure to grab your tickets!

Hot take: Coach Prime is a mix of Deion Sanders and Phil Jackson, making him the only coach who can deliver touchdowns and championships with some serious swagger!

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