Shakira’s Ex Gerard Piqué Takes a Major Tumble – Payback?

Shakira and Gerard Pique

Shakira‘s incredible stage presence didn’t seem to transfer over to her ex, Gerard Piqué, as he took a major tumble off a platform during an event for his new organization, Kings League Américas. Fans of the Colombian singer couldn’t help but dub it as payback.

The retired Spanish defender was walking towards the edge of the stage to engage with his supporters when he unfortunately lost focus and fell right into a hole. Talk about being caught off guard!

Luckily, Piqué managed to escape the incident unharmed, with concerned onlookers peering over the railing to check on him. Phew!

Naturally, the incident quickly made its rounds on social media, prompting Shakira’s devoted fans to post about how this mishap was karma for Piqué, following their highly publicized split last year.

“Don’t disrespect the stage queen and then expect the stage to respect you,” wrote one user, while another cheekily added, “Things haven’t been working out for him since Shakira got her hips outta there.”

And let’s not forget, Shakira didn’t hold back in calling out her ex through a diss track that included the infamous line, “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo,” after he went public with Clara Chia Marti just seven months after their breakup. Ouch!

It seems like karma is catching up with Piqué. Guess Taylor Swift isn’t the only one singing “Karma” these days!

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