Reality TV Star Kyle Richards Reacts to Photo of Estranged Husband Holding Hands with Dance Partner on “Dancing With the Stars”

Reality TV star Kyle Richards has made a calculated move by deleting a photo of her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky, and his dance partner on “Dancing With the Stars.” The photo removal directly corresponds to pictures of Mauricio and his dance partner, Emma Slater, walking out of a restaurant holding hands.

Sources close to the couple reveal that Kyle isn’t buying Mauricio’s explanation for the hand-holding photos. He claims that he was overwhelmed with emotion during a sushi dinner with Emma, where they reminisced about their wedding to Kyle. However, Kyle finds this story hard to believe and thinks it’s just a weak excuse.

It’s no secret that there have been rumors about Kyle’s alleged relationship with Morgan Wade, although neither party has confirmed or denied it. As there have been no public displays of affection between Kyle and Morgan, the photo of Mauricio and Emma holding hands adds a new twist to the ongoing saga. Some people close to the couple consider it highly disrespectful towards Kyle.

Despite their separation, Kyle and Mauricio are still living under the same roof and maintaining a generally amicable relationship, according to sources.

While there is speculation about a possible reconciliation, this photo of Mauricio and Emma holding hands might put a damper on those hopes. As one source aptly put it, “It’s clear what’s really going on here.”

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