Popular YouTuber’s Bodyguard Caught on Video Delivering a Knockout Punch: Jack Doherty’s Controversial Altercation

A popular YouTuber’s bodyguard recently delivered a knockout punch to a guy, and it was all caught on video. If this situation seems familiar, that’s because this bodyguard has done this before while working for DaBaby.

We’re talking about Jack Doherty, a well-known figure among Gen Z. He posted a wild clip of a violent altercation that took place at a Halloween party in Los Angeles, where he was accompanied by fellow YouTuber Corinna Kopf.

In the clip, Jack can be seen arguing with a group of guys who were with Corinna and her crew. The argument seemingly started when Corinna snubbed Jack at the party. The altercation went back and forth for a while until the bodyguard got involved.

Eventually, the bodyguard confronted one of the guys Jack was arguing with and exchanged words. The confrontation escalated quickly, with the bodyguard throwing a surprise haymaker punch.

The guy who got punched was much smaller than the bodyguard and fell straight to the ground. His friends, including Corinna, immediately confronted the bodyguard, questioning his actions. The bodyguard tried to justify his behavior by cussing them out.

Jack seemed pleased to share the video online and provided some context by stating, “they were pressing us.” This implies that the guys Jack was arguing with were threatening him. However, the longer version of the incident casts doubt on this claim.

Interestingly, this is not the bodyguard’s first time involved in such an incident. A few years ago, while working for DaBaby, he threw a similar punch at a female fan during one of the rapper’s performances in New Orleans.

A closer look at the video confirms that it is indeed the same bodyguard. We’ve identified him as Kane Kongg, who also happens to be a content creator himself. He works as a bodyguard on the side for the rich and famous.

Kane has yet to address this latest violent incident. However, when the previous DaBaby incident occurred, he went online to explain his actions, claiming he was simply doing his job. It remains to be seen if the same defense will hold up this time around, as the punch appeared to be completely unprovoked.

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