Peyton Manning Learns How to Punt from Pat McAfee in Halloween Episode of Peyton Places

Peyton Manning and Pat McAfee recently joined forces on the football field once again, but this time there was a twist. Believe it or not, McAfee was training the Hall of Fame quarterback on how to punt!

The former Indianapolis Colts teammates reunited at Lucas Oil Stadium for a Halloween episode of Peyton Places on ESPN+. In this episode, Manning received a personal tutorial on how to master the art of “coffin corner” punting.

For those who are unfamiliar, “coffin corner” refers to a punt that lands between the opponent’s 5-yard line and the endzone, putting the offense in a difficult position.

McAfee playfully handed over the reins to Manning, saying, “Here Peyton, you try. Nobody wants to see me punt the ball. They wanna see you struggle with it.”

To match the Halloween theme, a literal coffin was placed on the field as a target. Manning had a hilarious time trying to hit it, all while wearing a vest and slacks!

After several attempts, Manning finally found some success. McAfee cheered him on, yelling, “You just hit it! Let’s go!”

It’s no surprise that having McAfee as a mentor pays off. He is a two-time Pro Bowl punter who has kicked over 575 punts for more than 26,000 yards.

Manning and McAfee were teammates on the Colts from 2009 to 2011 before Manning joined the Denver Broncos, where he won his second Super Bowl.

Both Manning and McAfee have transitioned to TV careers. McAfee has his show on ESPN, while Manning co-hosts the popular “Monday Night Football” Manningcast with his brother Eli (which airs on ESPN 2).

Now that Manning can punt like McAfee, they might as well be twins!

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