Pennsylvania State Trooper Arrested for Unlawfully Committing Ex-Girlfriend to Psychiatric Ward

A Pennsylvania State Police Trooper found himself in hot water after attempting to have his ex-girlfriend committed to a psychiatric ward without legal justification. Unfortunately for him, his plan backfired when he was caught on video restraining her forcefully as she pleaded to be released.

Ronald Davis, the trooper in question, was arrested last Thursday and is now facing charges of felony strangulation, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and official oppression.

According to the Dauphin County District Attorney, Davis had been involved in an “intimate relationship” with his now ex-girlfriend, despite being married with a family.

Davis allegedly abused his power by obtaining an involuntary commitment order and having the woman forcibly placed in a mental health facility against her will. The disturbing incident was caught on camera, and the footage was given to the District Attorney, who made it public.

In the video, Davis can be seen forcefully restraining the woman, sitting on top of her and manhandling her on the ground. She pleads with him, saying, “This isn’t normal. Can I please get up? I didn’t do anything wrong except disagree with you.”

Despite her efforts to break free, the woman was unable to overpower Davis. It took the arrival of additional law enforcement officers for her to be taken away and evaluated at a hospital. After spending five days in the psychiatric ward, she was finally discharged, as she should never have been there in the first place.

According to the District Attorney, Davis had engaged in a tumultuous four-month relationship with the woman and even threatened her, stating, “I know you’re not crazy, I’ll paint you as crazy, I know the law.”

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