Paris Hilton Claps Back at Trolls Making Fun of Her Baby’s Head Size

Paris Hilton is clapping back at online trolls who are making fun of her baby boy’s head size. She’s standing her ground and saying there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him.

Mama P shared some adorable photos of herself holding Phoenix on Friday. While she received a lot of love from her followers, she also had to deal with trolls flooding the comment section with jokes about her baby’s noggin.

People have taken to TikTok to point out all the rude comments being made and Paris responded to one of them by defending her son. She wrote, “There are some sick people in this world. 😊😢My angel is perfectly healthy.”

She went on to explain that her baby has seen a doctor and the reason for his larger head is simply because he has a large brain. So, haters, back off!

In case you missed it, Paris announced earlier this year that she had her son, Phoenix, with her husband, Carter Reum. Since then, she has been sharing some adorable shots of her new bundle of joy as she navigates motherhood for the first time.

We caught up with Paris in March and she shared that she’s absolutely loving being a mom and is not ready to stop at just one kid. Looks like Phoenix might have a sibling in the future!

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