New York City Flooded: Cars, Buses, and Subways Struggle to Stay Afloat

New York City, also known as the Big Apple, is experiencing some serious rainfall that is turning the city into its own version of Atlantis. Videos have surfaced showing New Yorkers struggling to keep their cars, buses, and even their heads above the water line.

The storm hitting NYC today is bringing up to 2 inches of rainfall per hour, resulting in flash flood warnings for Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. The city buses are not faring any better, as they are like the Titanic taking on water.

Passengers on the buses are capturing videos of water ripping through the aisles and under seats, while the bus drivers do their best to navigate the flooded city streets. The highways are no exception to the waterlogged chaos.

Despite city officials issuing a travel advisory, some cars are still on the road. Unfortunately, many have become stranded in floodwaters. Some resourceful drivers are even resorting to bailing water out of their vehicles with cups!

The city’s subways are also facing peril, with only a limited service running due to the flooding. Commuters are in for a challenging journey.

The storm and subsequent rainfall are expected to bring a total of 5 to 6 inches to the greater NYC area, ensuring that the city will be drenched for days. It’s safe to say that this Friday is not the greatest TGIF for the Big Apple.

Just sayin’.

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