New Mom Faces Backlash for Mishandling Newborn: Blueface’s Absence and Cardi B’s Advice

Chrisean Rock, the new mom who recently faced backlash for mishandling her newborn infant, has spoken out about the situation. In her defense, she pointed out that Blueface, the father of the baby, has been missing in action when it comes to helping out with their child.

In a now-viral video, Chrisean can be seen struggling to properly support her son’s head while carrying him in a carrier at Walmart. She admitted to her mistake and took responsibility for not cradling his head properly. However, she also mentioned that the person who recorded the video could have offered assistance if they thought there was a problem.

Chrisean further called out Blueface, claiming that her calls to him went unanswered. She explained that she was already dealing with the baby, a dog, and two full shopping carts with only two hands. It seems like she was stretched to her limit.

Cardi B, when asked about this chaotic experience as a new mother, advised Chrisean to make sure she saves some time for herself when things get tough. Cardi emphasized the importance of self-care, especially during the challenging early stages of motherhood.

Blueface’s mom, Karlissa, also had something to say about the situation. Based on her rant, it seems like she has a similar opinion about all her children’s significant others!

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