Miley Cyrus Gets Court-Ordered Protection From Obsessed Fan – Full Story

Miley Cyrus Gets Court-Ordered Protection From Obsessed Fan

Miley Cyrus just had a run-in with a superfan who took things way too far. The singer recently filed for a temporary restraining order against a 52-year-old man named Alexander Kardalian. Miley claims that he has been flooding her mailbox with obsessive letters since 2018, making sexually explicit comments and even requesting money.

According to legal documents, Miley’s stalker behavior escalated in the summer of 2022 when he showed up at her Los Angeles property on two separate occasions. He was arrested in December 2022 and spent several months in prison. However, just days after his release, he once again showed up at Miley’s front gate.

Thankfully, Miley’s security team and the police were able to intervene and stop him from getting any closer. But his obsession didn’t stop there. Miley discovered that he was using her address for his health insurance and even sent her a disturbing letter, stating that he didn’t care if he lived or died if she didn’t respond.

Concerned for her safety and the safety of her loved ones, including her mother Tish and boyfriend Maxx Morando, Miley sought a restraining order. The judge granted her request, prohibiting the man from contacting her, harassing her, or attending any of her public events or concerts. He must also stay 100 yards away from Miley, her home, her car, and any venues where she is performing.

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