Mike Pence Suspends Presidential Campaign: What’s Next for the Former Vice President?


Mike Pence is giving up on his dreams of becoming President. He’s realized that it’s just not his time to be Commander in Chief. But don’t worry, it sounds like politics are still in his future.

The former Vice President made the announcement during a speech he gave for the Republican Jewish Coalition in Vegas. He’s suspending his presidential campaign after a lack of traction over the past 5 months.

In his remarks, Pence quoted a Bible verse about there being a time for everything, and he’s realized that right now isn’t his time to run for president.

You can hear the crowd react with shock, which quickly turns into cheering.

Fox News

While Pence may be exiting the 2024 race, he’s not giving up on his mission to fight for conservative values and help elect GOP leaders. It’s quite a surprise considering he was one of the higher-profile candidates.

Pence positioned himself as a traditional Republican, someone who stood against Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, despite being Trump’s right-hand man in the White House for 4 years.

Pence’s loyalty to Trump waned after the events of January 6th, when he became one of the primary targets of the insurrection for refusing to overturn the election results.

In the years following January 6th, Pence has been speaking out against his former boss. However, he never gained much momentum as a serious contender for the presidency.

Only time will tell how long the remaining candidates can hold out. At the moment, Trump is the clear favorite to secure the Republican nomination, with no serious threats in sight.

And then there were 6?

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