Megan Fox’s Outdated Halloween Costume Takes a Jab at SAG-AFTRA

Megan Fox took a playful jab at SAG-AFTRA over the weekend with her Halloween costume, although she may not have realized that her movie-inspired costume is actually quite outdated.

The actress made sure to make her statement by sharing pictures of her outfit on Instagram. Megan dressed up as Gogo Yubari from Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill: Vol 1,” a film that was released way back in 2003. Her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, joined in the fun and dressed up as Uma Thurman.

Megan apparently thought that her costume was a big middle finger to SAG, as she tagged @sagaftra in her Instagram post.

However, the reality is that “Kill Bill” is ancient by now and not exactly a current and lucrative project for anyone involved. SAG’s recent guidance regarding costumes was aimed at big blockbusters released this year, not movies from almost two decades ago.

Hollywood celebrities seemed to have followed SAG’s guidelines and not dressed as characters from current movies or TV shows that could upset the guild. Instead, they opted for a random mish-mash of pop culture references and classic monsters.

Megan wasn’t the only one who got riled up by SAG’s memo. Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore also expressed their discontent. The topic even became the premise for a sketch on “SNL,” with Sarah Sherman hilariously portraying SAG union president Fran Drescher disapproving of kids in film-related costumes.

Let’s hope the strike is resolved soon, and in the meantime, Happy Halloween!

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