MC Lyte Defends President Biden’s Slip-Up: Let’s Focus on Hip Hop’s Monumental Moment

MC Lyte has a different take on President Joe Biden’s blundering introduction of LL Cool J. According to her, everyone should focus on one of hip hop’s biggest moments ever. Lyte, who was honored alongside LL in D.C., believes that the attention being given to Biden’s mistake is taking away from this monumental milestone in rap history. Sure, LL had to stomach being called “boy” by the President, but that’s not the point here. The point is the acknowledgment of hip hop’s cultural significance by both the President and Vice President at the recent Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference. It’s a historic moment that Lyte doesn’t want overshadowed by Biden’s slip-up.

While Biden’s political and cultural critics are having a field day with his mistake, Lyte comes to his defense. She believes that it was an honest mistake that he sincerely regrets. Clearly, she’s got his back on this one.

Lyte and LL go way back to the early days of hip hop, so she knows what she’s talking about. She thanked LL for the years of historic collaborations they’ve had and expressed her gratitude for his contributions to the culture. However, she made it clear that the recent event was the first time she witnessed both an active President and Vice President acknowledging and embracing the hip hop culture they represent.

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