Man Walks Naked Through Dallas-Fort Worth Airport – A Surprising Incident

When it comes to traveling light, this guy has taken it to a whole new level. Passengers at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport were in for a surprise when a completely naked man strolled through one of the concourses, casually passing by a TGI Fridays. I guess for him, it’s always Friday!

Naked Man in Airport

Surprisingly, there wasn’t much commotion or shock from fellow travelers. One guy who happened to be recording the incident couldn’t resist stating the obvious, “There’s a naked guy in the airport!”

Naked Man Pointing at Camera

The nudist himself seemed to appreciate the color commentary, turning, smiling, and even pointing at the camera, as if he were a star athlete leaving the field.

However, the police were not as impressed and promptly took the man into custody for a mental health evaluation. Fortunately, he was not charged with any crime.

There’s truly never a dull moment when you’re flying these days!

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