Maluma Handles Hurdled Phone Like a Disappointed Parent – A Surprising Moment from the Colombian Heartthrob


Maluma, the Colombian heartthrob, recently had an unexpected encounter while performing at a concert in San Antonio. Right in the middle of his performance, someone in the front row decided to toss their phone at him. But instead of ducking or getting angry, Maluma responded in a way that would make any disappointed parent proud.

Thankfully, the phone only tapped Maluma’s torso and didn’t hit him in the head. But that didn’t stop him from halting the show to address the incident. TMZ obtained footage of the hilarious moment when Maluma confronted the person responsible, giving them a firm finger wag as if they were a misbehaving toddler. The message was clear: “Don’t do that!!!”

Eyewitnesses provided some context to the incident, explaining that moments before the phone was thrown, Maluma had taken a selfie with another fan’s phone. It seems the person who threw the phone was hoping for a similar interaction. However, they probably didn’t expect Maluma’s dad-like reaction.

In a surprising turn of events, the phone stayed on stage for the rest of the show, its fate unknown. The thrower was allowed to stay and enjoy the rest of the concert, presumably with a newfound appreciation for personal boundaries.

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