Maitland Ward Supports Ben Savage for Congress: Former Co-Stars Show Controversial Stance

Move over, political candidates! Maitland Ward is throwing her support behind Ben Savage and his congressional campaign, and she’s not afraid to call out other ex-costars who aren’t doing the same. We caught up with Maitland in Beverly Hills, where she proudly sported a “Savage For Congress” shirt, and she didn’t hold back when asked about her support for Ben and why other “Boy Meets World” stars aren’t showing him the same love.

Maitland Ward supporting Ben Savage

According to Maitland, Ben is a great guy who genuinely cares about his community. He’s taking a political leap by running for CA’s 30th district, which includes parts of Los Angeles and its northern suburbs. Maitland appreciates Ben’s forward-thinking and believes he can make positive changes. It’s clear that she’s been in Ben’s corner since the beginning of his campaign, but not everyone from the “Boy Meets World” days has been as supportive.

Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, and Will Friedle

Rider Strong, who co-hosts a podcast with Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle, made it clear that he won’t be endorsing Ben just because they were on a TV show together as teenagers. Maitland believes that Rider and the others may be bitter because Ben didn’t want to co-host the podcast with them. She thinks they’re holding a grudge and taking it out on Ben, which isn’t fair.

But don’t worry, Ben, because you’ve got Maitland’s vote! She’s standing by your side and showing her support in the political realm. With Maitland on his team, Ben Savage might just have the edge he needs to win this election.

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