“Love and Hip Hop: Miami Star Prince Michael Apologizes for Cringeworthy Revelations About Lori Harvey and Past Relationships”

Reality TV star Prince Michael from the show “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” is backpedaling after his cringeworthy admission about his past relationship with Lori Harvey. However, his apology seems to be more of a “sorry not sorry” situation.

In a recent podcast interview, Prince Michael went into explicit detail, revealing that he and Lori used to rely on Uber for their rendezvous and allegedly didn’t use protection during their encounters.

Prince claims that these escapades happened years ago when Lori was a bit fuller-figured, and he seems to be reminiscing about those good old days.

But things take a creepy turn when Prince admits to attempting to secretly record one of their encounters. However, Lori’s intuition caught on, and she always had a suspicion that something was off. And boy, was she right!

Not stopping there, Prince also gleefully confesses to allegedly having a fling with Saweetie’s mother, only to receive a direct message from her husband accusing him of being a home-wrecker. Yikes!

Lori Harvey has since moved on and is currently dating Damson Idris. In the past, she has been linked to Quavo, Future, Michael B. Jordan, and Diddy. Some fans are not impressed with Prince’s public revelations and are criticizing him for airing his dirty laundry.

In his apology, Prince attempts to salvage the situation by claiming that his crude remarks were meant to be funny, but he admits that he failed miserably and takes responsibility for his own insecurities that led to his actions.

Well, it’s clear that Prince has learned that knowing is only half the battle. As for the rest, good luck to him!

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/10/24/love-and-hip-hop-prince-michael-apologizes-lori-harvey-sex-tales/