Logan Paul Shows Negative Test Results for Steroid Allegations

If you were wondering whether Logan Paul was clean for his fight against Dillon Danis, wonder no more. The WWE Superstar just proved that he has nothing to hide, but his nemesis still isn’t convinced. Despite Paul’s test results coming back negative, Danis continues to call him a “juicehead.”

For those who may have forgotten, Danis repeatedly accused Paul of using performance-enhancing drugs prior to their October 14 bout. However, Paul adamantly denied these allegations, attributing his success to hard work.

To back up his bold claims, Paul shared his test results from VADA, which clearly stated that his sample came back negative. He didn’t stop there though. Paul took to social media to troll Danis and promote his Prime drink chain at the same time.

During his trolling session, Paul confessed, “I wanna address the steroid allegations before you see any news. I wanna confess… I have been taking a lot of PRIME energy and putting it in my mouth and swallowing it.”

Paul’s message to the haters was clear: “You’re gonna have to keep trying.”

Despite Paul’s test results and his taunting, Danis still stands by his accusations. He believes that the testing process was a joke and that the post-fight piss test is easy to beat. According to Danis, the old man in the room wasn’t even paying attention.

While these two may not have settled their beef in the ring, Paul has made it clear that he won’t be fighting Danis in MMA. However, he is confident that he can beat him again if the opportunity arises.

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