Lizzo’s Tour Crew Comes to Her Defense in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Lizzo’s tour crew is coming to her defense in the sexual harassment lawsuit brought against her by some former dancers. They are claiming that Lizzo created a positive environment and never forced anyone to attend sex shows they didn’t want to go to.

According to new legal documents, 18 members of Lizzo’s touring company have written declarations supporting her and disputing the allegations made by three of her former dancers – Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez.

One of the dancers on the tour, Kiara Mooring, is pushing back against claims that there was an unspoken rule about facing punishment for not going out with Lizzo when invited. Mooring states that she did not attend the Bananenbar, a famous banana sex show in Amsterdam, and still kept her job dancing with Lizzo.

It’s important to note that the dancers suing Lizzo allege that she sexually denigrated them by forcing them to touch nude performers at the Bananenbar. However, Melissa Locke, another dancer, recalls speaking with two of the accusers the morning after the outing and they expressed enthusiasm about the night, without any complaints or signs of being upset.

While one of the dancers, Davis, claims Lizzo body-shamed her for gaining weight and used her admission of an eating disorder as a reason for firing her, another dancer, Alaini Walker, who joined the tour after the accusers left, states that there was absolutely no body shaming on tour. She also highlights that Lizzo’s tour felt like the opposite of many negative experiences she has had as a dancer.

Other crew members, such as Zuri Appleby and Asia Banks, further support Walker’s claims, emphasizing that Lizzo always made sure everyone felt secure and confident in their bodies.

The accusers also claimed that they missed out on other dancing opportunities during tour pauses, but Chawnta Van, another dancer, clarifies that they had a retainer that allowed them to be paid a percentage of their weekly rate during breaks and still book other gigs when Lizzo didn’t have a show.

It’s worth mentioning that Noelle Rodriguez alleged that she feared Lizzo was going to physically attack her during a meeting, but another dancer who was present denies this, stating that Lizzo

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