Lizzo Faces Allegations of Inappropriate Working Conditions: Racist and Fatphobic Comments, Injury, and More

Lizzo is back in the spotlight, but this time it’s not for her music. The singer is facing allegations of inappropriate working conditions on her tour. According to legal documents, Asha Daniels, who was hired to work in wardrobe, claims that she was subjected to racist and fatphobic comments from members of Lizzo’s team. Daniels also alleges that she was forced to work long, grueling hours without breaks.

Daniels, a Black woman, says that Amanda Nomura, a member of Lizzo’s team, made derogatory comments towards her and other Black women on the tour. Nomura also allegedly told Daniels that she couldn’t dress sexy around Lizzo because Lizzo would get jealous when her boyfriend was around other beautiful women.

Daniels further claims that she suffered an injury during her time on the tour when Nomura rolled a clothing rack over her ankle. Despite her swollen ankle, Daniels was reprimanded for wearing Crocs to work and was told to wear tennis shoes instead.

Daniels says that she reported the behavior to Lizzo’s management team, and even received advice to secretly film Nomura’s conduct. However, Daniels felt that filming would be unethical.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Lizzo has faced allegations of mistreatment towards her employees. Last month, she was sued for sexual harassment by three former employees who claimed they were forced to attend sex shows and were subjected to uncomfortable behavior and situations while working for her.

It’s worth noting that Daniels is represented by the same lawyer who sued Lizzo on behalf of the three women from the previous lawsuit.

Lizzo has denied the allegations, stating that they are “unbelievable” and “outrageous.”

Daniels is now suing for sexual harassment, racial harassment, disability discrimination, and more. She is seeking damages including unpaid wages and loss of earnings.

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