Lizzo Champions Body Positivity and Advocates for Black Fat Women Amid Legal Troubles

Lizzo, the queen of empowerment and body positivity, has once again shown her support for “Black fat women.” While accepting the Black Music Action Coalition’s Humanitarian Award, Lizzo made it clear that she will continue to amplify the voices of marginalized people because she has a microphone and she knows how to use it.

Surrounded by a group of plus-sized women, Lizzo promised to create safe spaces for Black fat women and represent them proudly. It’s no secret that Lizzo has always been an advocate for body inclusivity and self-love.

However, amidst this empowering moment, Lizzo has also been dealing with some legal troubles. She has recently been sued by a woman who claims to have worked as a wardrobe personnel on Lizzo’s tour. The plaintiff alleges that the predominantly white male stage crew made derogatory comments about the plus-sized dancers and left them with minimal changing room space.

In response to the lawsuit, a representative for Lizzo dismissed it as a publicity stunt, stating that the lawyer had never even met or spoken with Lizzo. The representative made it clear that they would pay no attention to the lawsuit.

Despite these legal challenges, Lizzo continues to shine bright. After the award show, she was spotted enjoying dinner at the famous West Hollywood restaurant, Craig’s, without further addressing the ongoing controversies.

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