“Lindsey Vonn Gets Attacked by a Jellyfish While Wakesurfing: Ouch!”

Lindsey Vonn, the former Olympic skier, had quite the unexpected encounter while wakesurfing. As she tried to get up on her board in the water, she was attacked by a jellyfish! Ouch!

Vonn shared the incident on her social media page, saying, “I literally rode over it.” The jellyfish bite and sting were so severe that her left hamstring swelled up, turned red, and ended up looking like a road rash wound. Yikes!

But fear not, Vonn’s fans came to the rescue, suggesting various remedies for her painful encounter. And thankfully, it seems like she’s doing much better now. In fact, she even managed to joke about it, saying, “Think it’s gonna leave a mark for a while… 😕, at least I caught some waves before!”

This isn’t the first time Vonn has dealt with pain, though. She recently underwent knee surgery in July and has been rehabbing from that successfully. She’s a tough one!

So, let’s all send some healing vibes to Lindsey Vonn and hope she’s back on the water soon, ready to catch those waves again. Ice up, Lindsey!

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/09/20/lindsey-vonn-stung-by-jellyfish-during-wake-surfing-session/