“Lil Baby Addresses Viral Video Rumors: Setting the Record Straight on Controversial Allegations”

There’s a wild rumor going around about Lil Baby and the internet can’t stop talking about it. A viral video has surfaced that supposedly shows him engaging in a sex act with another man. But before you start jumping to conclusions, the rapper is setting the record straight.

The explicit video has been making its rounds online, but it’s unclear where it originated from. Some people are convinced that the man in the clip looks like Lil Baby, despite his face being partially covered by a caption that says “Nah lil baby 😭.” But let’s be real, it could be anyone.

Twitter, of course, is having a field day with this scandalous gossip. Homophobic jokes and mean-spirited comments are flooding the timeline, but Lil Baby isn’t letting it get to him. Taking to his Instagram Stories, he voiced his frustration saying, “Y’all gotta stop using my name and likeness for clout. This is my last time addressing this dumbass clickbait.”

It’s important to remember that in the age of deep fakes and AI, it’s easier than ever to spread misinformation. So, before you believe everything you see online, take a moment to fact-check. Don’t let the rumor mill get the best of you.

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/10/22/lil-baby-deny-not-him-male-fellatio-video-leak/