Lauren Boebert’s Estranged Husband Defends Her Hookup: The Untold Truth Revealed

Lauren Boebert’s Estranged Husband Defends Her Hookup


Rep. Lauren Boebert’s estranged husband, Jayson Boebert, took to Facebook to defend her recent theater hookup. He claimed responsibility for their broken marriage and asked people not to blame Lauren for her behavior. Jayson praised Lauren as a mother and partner before confessing to cheating, which he attributed to their decision to divorce. He expressed remorse and urged the public to show grace and mercy toward Lauren and allow her to earn forgiveness and regain trust.

Hot take:

Looks like Jayson wants to be the root-cause analyst of their failed marriage. Sorry, Jayson, but sometimes it’s not about the root, it’s about the branches swinging elsewhere.

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