Lance Bass Encourages Forgiveness for Justin Timberlake Amidst Britney Spears Drama

Lance Bass Urges Everyone to Stop Hating on Justin Timberlake

Lance Bass has a message for all the Justin Timberlake haters out there: It’s time to cut the guy some slack. Bass says that if Britney Spears can forgive Timberlake, then so can everyone else.

Bass, a former member of *NSYNC, made his comments while at LAX, revealing that he was about to read Spears’ new memoir, which is filled with stories about her ex-boyfriend, Timberlake.

While Bass acknowledges that everyone is entitled to their own opinion about Timberlake, he believes that people should follow Spears’ lead and practice forgiveness.

In regards to Spears’ book, which has been a huge success, Bass jokingly mentioned that he might consider writing a memoir and getting Michelle Williams to narrate the audiobook.

As for Timberlake’s response to Spears’ tell-all, he has remained relatively silent. However, Bass has expressed his support for Timberlake.

In addition to discussing Timberlake and Spears, Bass also briefly touched on the recent *NSYNC reunion and their new song. While a tour or album may not be in the works just yet, Bass didn’t rule out the possibility for the future.

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