Lady Gaga Surprises the Crowd at U2’s Show in Las Vegas

Lady Gaga recently made quite the entrance at the Sphere in Las Vegas. Surprise! She performed her hit track from “A Star Is Born” during U2’s show. The singer joined Bono and the gang at the one-of-a-kind venue on Wednesday night to sing “Shallow.” It was a true treat for the massive crowd in attendance. In fact, the audience got so into it that they even joined in, belting out the chorus for the Oscar-winning track. Lady Gaga and U2 have teamed up before, though. Back in 2015, she made a surprise appearance during the band’s “Innocence + Experience Tour,” jamming out to “Ordinary Love.”

But that’s not all! Gaga has been rocking surprise appearances lately. She recently jumped on stage with the Rolling Stones in New York, and even made a brief appearance on Bad Bunny’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” If U2 is trying to make surprise appearances a regular thing during their Sphere residency, they may have met their match with Gaga.

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