Kroy Biermann Pleads to Sell Mansion Amid Divorce Drama: Urgency, Financial Woes, and Kids at Stake

Kroy Biermann Pleads with Judge to Let Him Sell Mansion Amid Divorce Drama

Kroy Biermann, former NFL star, is once again begging a judge not to let his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak, slow down his attempt to sell their mansion.

The Urgency to Sell:

Kroy filed new court docs this week, claiming that Kim is trying to delay a ruling on whether to sell their massive Georgia home quickly. He insists that they need to sell the place ASAP to shield their kids from the trauma of their toxic relationship and to get separate pads.

Financial Woes:

In his paperwork, Kroy bluntly accuses Kim of being financially destitute and attributes their problems to her reckless spending habits and love for online gambling. He reveals that the IRS has a lien on the home for unpaid taxes totaling $1.1 million, and they are facing lawsuits from creditors who want their money.

The Kids are Hurting:

Kroy expresses concern for their children, stating that the constant fighting and toxicity at home are extremely detrimental to their well-being. He emphasizes that time is running out as foreclosure looms, and he wants to collect whatever equity they have left to pay down the damage and move on.

Hot Take:

Looks like Kroy wants to kick things into high gear and put the pedal to the metal on selling their mansion. Let’s hope they find separate pads before their toxic relationship moves from the house to the courtroom.