Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Desperately Try to Stop Foreclosure Auction on Their Georgia Mansion: Will They Save Their Home?

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are facing a serious predicament. They are desperately trying to stop the foreclosure auction on their home. They want to have the opportunity to sell it themselves before it gets snatched up by the bank.

According to legal documents obtained by yours truly, Kim and Kroy believe that if the foreclosure auction scheduled for November 7 proceeds as planned, it will cause “irreparable injury to the marital estate, completely depleting it.”

Kim and Kroy recently put their Georgia mansion up for sale for a whopping $6 million. They thought they had more time to work out the details of their divorce before the foreclosure auction was scheduled. But it seems like their timing was a little off.

Surprisingly, the sale of their home is something that Kim and Kroy actually agree on. For now, they are both still living in the residence, but the court has ordered them to live in separate parts of the house. Kim has been banished to the basement and nanny suite, while Kroy gets to enjoy the luxury of the primary bedroom.

As we’ve previously reported, their divorce has been nothing short of dramatic. Kroy has accused Kim of having a gambling addiction that has led to their financial woes. And Kim has expressed concerns about Kroy using marijuana around their children. It’s safe to say that things have been pretty messy.


And if that wasn’t enough drama for you, Kim recently revealed that she and Kroy are still intimate and she believes they can work things out. However, multiple visits from the police to their residence to settle disputes indicate otherwise.

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